All About the Context

Jeremy Brown and Todd Geist talk about their new podcast as they try to define and explain 'The Context' in this first episode. They chat a bit about Geist Interactive and future topics for the podcast. Jeremy and Todd reminisce about the disruptive (and last) FileMaker DevCon.
Host Jeremy Brown
Featuring Todd Geist, Founder & CEO of Geist Interactive

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"The Context" Podcast

This very first episode features Jeremy and Todd talking about the podcast itself: why is it named "The Context" and what we will talk about in future episodes. Jeremy talks about the name itself: as we were finding the name, "Context" really stood out because context is what we think about each day build a custom app. It's all about context. Not only inside of FileMaker, but context refers as well to the broader tech community: what integrations will we use and how will we use those. And finally we'll talk specific functions and their value in certain contexts.

Claris Connect

They talk a bit about Claris' upcoming product: Claris Connect. Claris Connect will take away some of the tedious or tough-for-newbies parts of connecting to different services out there. The product will make it incredibly easy. We'll talk more about Claris Connect in the future.

HTML Email

They talk a bit about an oft-requested feature: HTML Email as an example of FileMaker's power. It is so much simpler–for so many reasons–to connect to a service like SendGrid or Office 365 from FIleMaker, and Claris Connect will make it even easier. Since HTML Email is already done in those services, Claris engineers can focus their resources on other needs.


Jeremy, of course, is excited to talk  JavaScript sometimes since, as we know, JavaScript is part of FileMaker.

The Last FileMaker DevCon

Jeremy and Todd also talk about FileMaker DevCon 2019. They talk about its disruptive nature and its future-focused nature. They're looking forward to Brad Freitag's leadership of Claris with their mission statement, values, and pillars and the renewed energy they see in Claris International.
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