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Protecting Your Data Hosted with FileMaker Server

Whether you’re hosting your FileMaker apps on-premise or in the cloud, on your own or through a hosting provider, it’s important to keep a few things in mind to protect your data and your business from risks Join Martha, Angelo, and Todd in this episode as they share their experiences and recommendations around backups, monitoring, documentation, and access/user management that can help safeguard against costly risks to your data and your business.

The Evolving Claris Platform (with Peter Nelson and Andrew LeCates from Claris)

In this episode, Martha Zink, Ernest Koe, and Todd Geist are joined by Peter Nelson and Andrew LeCates from Claris to discuss not only the exciting forthcoming changes to the Claris platform that were unveiled in that webinar, but also the intention and focus behind those decisions, and what they mean for the Claris Platform in the years to come.

Multi-File Solutions & The Evolving FileMaker Platform

Join Martha, Todd, and John in this episode as they re-envision best practices and delve into how multi-file solutions and the FileMaker platform can help us build value in new and better ways.

The Modern FileMaker Revolution

(Audio updated with improved post-production: 03/14/22. Thank you all for your feedback and patience. Live, learn, adjust.) In this episode, Martha, Ernest, and Todd discuss how Proof+Geist is redefining FileMaker in the context of today’s business needs, modern development practices, and a rapidly changing technical landscape.

Ransomware For Claris FileMaker Developers

What is ransomware? Can it impact FileMaker applications? Trusted FileMaker community members Wim Decorte, Heidi Porter, and Chris Moyer, join Jeremy Brown to discuss Ransomware in the context of FileMaker applications.

PauseOnError 2021, GA Summer Camp: Co-CEO Reflections

Co CEO's Martha Zink and Krissy Ferris joins us to reflect on PauseOnError 2021, GA Summer camp. Martha and Krissy share their goals for the unconference, their planning, their selection of the setting, and their takeaways from the whole event. Finally, they share hints about what could happen next year–yes people are already asking.

Reflections on PauseOnError 2021, Ep 3

Another four PauseOnError 2021 attendees share their reflections of the event. Ryan Gold, Kimberly Carlson, Taylor Sharpe, and Becca Ingram-Bryant relay what PoE meant to them.

Reflections on PauseOnError 2021, Ep 2

In this episode, we hear four more stories about PauseOnError 2021, GA Summer Camp

Reflections on PauseOnError 2021, Ep. 1

Makah Encarnacao, Jonn Howell, and John Newhoff join us today share their reflections on PauseOnError Summer Camp.

Solutions to Problems Created by Other Solutions, with Corn Walker

In this episode, Corn Walker joins us to talk about ProofEDU, our collection of academic modules for private schools. Corn shares all the challenges they went through when dealing with lots of data. Our topic centers around the Party Model, Table Occurrence Hopping, and PubSub.

Machine Learning: A Top-5 Example with Cris Ippolite

Cris Ippolite joins us today to talk Machine Learning in Claris FileMaker

The JavaScript Dev Environment: A Discussion With Todd

Todd joins me today to talk about this newly-created framework called the JS Dev Environment for FileMaker developers. We take a look at its parts, where it came from, and its uses.

The "OYeah" of OData, with John Renfrew

John Renfrew joins us today to introduce us to the new and gaming-changing feature called oData in FileMaker.

Community In Action: Collaborating with Kevin Frank

Working together, Kevin Frank from FileMakerHacks and Proof+Geist produced a pretty good demo showing what can be done with JavaScript in FileMaker. Our conversation centered around that very topic.

Guiding a Successful Problem-Solving Development Shop, with David Knight

Today's episode features David Knight, Founder and CEO of Angel City Data. He shares his Four C's and other principles that guide the business in keeping clients and staff, and providing exceptional service.

Connecting with Claris, Ep 1: Andy LeCates

In this first episode of a small series title Connecting with Claris, we sit down with Andy Lecates to talk topics that come up in the community now and again (very frequently). We chat about the Claris Community in general, Claris Engage Beyond and its format this year, Agile Software development. Along the way Andy gives us a lot of great insight on how he works his and Claris' vision for the platform and for the community.

Making Great Change in a Business, with Colleen Hammersley

Colleen Hammersley joins us today to talk about making change in a business by getting to know that business as a series of workflows and getting to know them as people. She shares her strategies for bringing the most effective changes to the business in the FileMaker platform as she shares one of her projects.

Performance Considerations, with Nick Lightbody

In this episode we talk with Nick Lightbody about performance in an app: how to maintain performance throughout the development process and what parts of FileMaker can cause performance headaches.

You Do You(r Chosen Technologies), with Ernest Koe

Ernest Koe (EK), CEO of Proof+Geist, joins us today to talk about the oft-discussed idea of choosing a technology to learn and to use inside of FileMaker custom apps. Some folks choose just FileMaker, and some folks choose to add to their toolset using other techs that support and complement FileMaker.

Talking Tech Topics with Todd

In this episode Todd replies to random tech topics that Jeremy has on his mind. We talk about Execute DataAPI script step, a JavaScript development environment, The React framework, the HTTP Request script, and modules. A lot of other topics comes up along the way.

Claris Connect, Using it in the Real World, With Kate Waldhauser

Claris Connect, FileMaker's sister product, solves the ever increasing business problems where data needs to flow from one app to another. Kate Waldhauser from Portage Bay Solutions joins us today to talk about her experience with Claris Connect as an internal tool and as potential for client services.

FileMaker & Claris Connect User Groups & 'Bread 'n' Butter Features, with Tony White

In today's episode, we talk with Tony White about the thriving Claris FileMaker (and Claris Connect) user groups. There's a lot of awesomeness going on locally around the world, and Tony shares his experience in many of those groups.

Deploying, Hosting, Maintaining, with Molly Connolly

Today Molly Connolly of Thorsen Consulting joins me today to talk about Deploying, Hosting, and Maintaining a FileMaker file for clients. Since our job is to "let the file sing", as she puts it, it's our obligation to pick the best possible hosting out there, and in Molly's estimation, that means picking a hosting provider. We talk about that realization, as well as look at those hosting providers she's used throughout the years.

Modular Programming, With Claus Lavendt

Claus Lavendt joins us today to talk about his passion: Modular programming in FileMaker. As he says near the beginning, why do FileMaker developers spend all their time making clients more efficient, when we don't do that for ourselves? It's ridiculous now adays to build the same things over and over from scratch. Learn to build in a modular fashion, and you'll be happier.

User Experience Sans User Interface, with Jake Johnson

Can you imagine a user experience without a user interface? Well Jake Johnson is grappling toward that idea. He joins us today to talk about how that could work. We stumble through some examples and some possibilities. We talk how the Claris FileMaker platform could really support this experience.

The Claris FileMaker 2020 Year Review

A lot happened in 2020 for us Claris FileMaker developers. The major shifts came everywhere: the platform itself, how we learn, and how we gather. Todd and Jeremy review that which they've seen in our world in the past year.

UI/UX Fundamentals For Workflow-Based Design Course, with Alexis Allen

Today Alexis Allen joins us to talk about her new live 8-week course UI/UX Fundamentals for Workflow-Based Design. During this training, Alexis teaches us how to design to solve problems. She talks through a lot of concepts, and there's a lot of practice as well. This 10-student max course helps us see differently how to design. In this episode, Alexis lays out the main points behind each week's lessons. So hear what she has to say.

Discussing DayBack Calendar & FileMaker Development History, with John Sindelar

John Sindelar from SeedCode drops by to talk about their product DayBack Calendar. Since that tool has been around since 2003, its development has gone through all the monumental FileMaker development changes, such as FileMaker 7, FileMaker 12, and FileMaker 19. So we talk about the history of FileMaker through the lens of DayBack's development. We also talk briefly about how empathy is part of what we do: we build tools, and building tools is an empathic act. John clearly describes that, and he, Todd, and Jeremy share a tool they each built that was highly empathetic.

FileMaker Origin Stories Ep. 11: John, Kimberly, and Stephan

In today's FIleMaker origin story, we hear how John Sindelar from SeedCode, Kimberly Carlson from AppWorks, and Stephan Casas all came to the FileMaker platform. This episode involves painting, animation, and the dot net framework. What fun!

Claris FileMaker 19: In-Product Add-ons

Todd joins me today to talk about the new FileMaker 19 in-Product Add-ons. We discuss our role in the add-ons, features of the add-ons, and all the possibilities for FileMaker developers.

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