Get ready for another exciting episode of The Context Podcast, featuring Andrew LeCates from Claris. In this episode, Andrew joins Proof+Geist’s Martha Zink, Ernest Koe, and Todd Geist to talk all things Claris Engage 2024, a Claris developer conference set to take place February 6-8 in Austin, Texas.

We discuss how excited we are for Claris Engage, where we get to be together in person on an Apple campus after years of virtual events. Andrew shares some key things he expects to see and learn about at Engage, and we reminisce about past developer conferences. 

If you’re there for the sessions, the products, the exhibitors, or just spending time with the community, come find us at our Proof+Geist and Ottomatic booths or our sessions. We can’t wait to see you all!

While registration for Claris Engage is sold out, there are still slots for three Training Day courses:

You can find this podcast on YouTube. 

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