Pause on Production Part 3 — Interviews from PauseOnError Attendees

  • Martha Zink 
  • Drew Fessenden
  • Shawn Kreuger
  • Joe Ranne
  • Marcus Swift 


In the scenic mountains of North Georgia, open-minded attendees gathered together to connect, learn, and grow with one another. In this episode, our guests focus on why PauseOnError differs from traditional tech conferences and how it sparks new perspectives. 

The last of our PauseOnError FileMaker Summer Camp 2022 series takes us through connection, community, and country backroads. Join Drew Fessenden, Shawn Kreuger, Joe Ranne, and Marcus Swift as they detail the unique atmosphere that extended beyond the event itself. 

The podcast is available on Transistor.Fm or your favorite podcast platform, and full individual interviews are available on YouTube.


Join us again this year for PauseOnError FileMaker Summer Camp, October 3-6, 2023, in the same amazing location. We can’t wait to see you there! 

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