All About join::table

We sit down with the leaders of join::table to talk about their new venture. We talk about how the organization got created, the awesome name, how FileMaker developers can become a part of it, and how FBA partners can support the work of join::table.
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In this episode we talk with the leaders of join::table and hear of their vision for the organization. The leaders are Makah Encarnacao (Soliant Consulting), Chris Kubica (Application Architects), and Jonathan Nicoletti (Acolyte Applications). We talk about FileMaker developers and non-profit organizations can get involved in the match up.

It's interesting to see that join::table wants to structure the projects as any normal project: single developers or a team, people from different experience levels and expertise coming together to give some time to a nonprofit who wants to use FileMaker to innovate in their workplace.

join::table is looking for nonprofits that need FileMaker or a workplace innovation platform and need developers to build them something. So please inquire if you need.
FBA partners can support the work of join::table in a variety of ways.

Stay tuned to the end for a little 'post-credits' bit. ☺

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