Wim Decorte: FileMaker Milestones and Person Connections

Today Wim Decorte from Soliant Consulting joins Todd and Jeremy. We talk about our connections to each other, to others in the community, and where we've worked and learned. Todd and Wim recall the major FileMaker milestones. Wim summarizes the FIleMaker DevCon session he and Mislav Kos presented on Zabbix. Finally, Wim and Todd tell us the definitive context when certain techniques and functions should be used.

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Our Guest today is Wim Decorte. He's a Senior Technical Architect at Soliant Consulting. He's been around for a long time, spoken at many FileMaker DevCons, and has worked with both Jeremy (as Jeremy's boss at Soliant) and Todd (working together briefly at New Millennium, now called Codence). WIm worked on a product called FMRobot which was used in the FileMaker 6-to-7 conversion days. Check out a cool blog post about it. It was also featured in a FileMaker white paper (Todd contributed to this paper as well).

Wim and Mislav Kos led a session on Zabbix. Wim summarizes the session and explains the importance and ease of using Zabbix to monitor your server. Wim and Mislav have a few blog posts out about it.

We spend some time talking about FileMaker milestones:
  • FileMaker 3: Brought relationships to the app.
  • FileMaker 7: One file with many tables
  • FileMaker 9: XML API
  • FileMaker 15 / 16: Insert from URL with cURL options - really opened the door to integrations.
  • (Wim and Todd forgot to mention the WebViewer. Jeremy reminded them)
Once again we reminisced about FileMaker DevCon 2019 (the last one). Wim sees this is as a new beginning. There's nothing stale about FileMaker though it's been around for 30 years.

Finally, we talked about the DEFINITIVE context for the following topics: ( :) )
  • Virtual Lists
  • The While() function
  • Unstored Calcs
  • ExecuteSQL
  • JSON
  • Layout Calculation Tricks

Todd and Wim tell us and finally answer the question: when to use these.

Soliant Consulting is supporting a tool called Carafe. Check it out.

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