Discussing DayBack Calendar & FileMaker Development History, with John Sindelar

John Sindelar from SeedCode drops by to talk about their product DayBack Calendar. Since that tool has been around since 2003, its development has gone through all the monumental FileMaker development changes, such as FileMaker 7, FileMaker 12, and FileMaker 19. So we talk about the history of FileMaker through the lens of DayBack's development. We also talk briefly about how empathy is part of what we do: we build tools, and building tools is an empathic act. John clearly describes that, and he, Todd, and Jeremy share a tool they each built that was highly empathetic.

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John Sindelar of SeedCode joins us today to talk about DayBack Calendar

Here's the video of John and Todd coding. It's a highlight reel of three days of coding.
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