The Claris FileMaker 2020 Year Review

A lot happened in 2020 for us Claris FileMaker developers. The major shifts came everywhere: the platform itself, how we learn, and how we gather. Todd and Jeremy review that which they've seen in our world in the past year.

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Here's the pieces we point out:

Claris FileMaker Community (and all the JS questions)
The FMSoup

Social Media:
FB FileMaker Pro Users/Developers Group
FB FileMaker UI Design Group
FB FileMaker Pro Tips Group
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The Context Podcast
Fireside FileMaker
FileMaker Talk
Off The Record

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Productive Computing's Add-on Videos
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Claris Platform:
FIleMaker 19's FIrst Open Release
FileMaker 19 New Features
Claris Engineer Blog

Claris Engage:
AutoEnter (read about it here)
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Claris Engage Lessons Learned

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