Deploying, Hosting, Maintaining, with Molly Connolly

Today Molly Connolly of Thorsen Consulting joins me today to talk about Deploying, Hosting, and Maintaining a FileMaker file for clients. Since our job is to "let the file sing", as she puts it, it's our obligation to pick the best possible hosting out there, and in Molly's estimation, that means picking a hosting provider. We talk about that realization, as well as look at those hosting providers she's used throughout the years.

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Molly Connolly of Thorsen Consulting joins me.

Molly has used many hosting providers in her time depending on her clients' needs. Here's a list of the ones she mentioned:

And here's more Claris FileMaker 3rd-party hosting providers. Click on "Hosting" to see those companies that offer this service.

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