Performance Considerations, with Nick Lightbody

In this episode we talk with Nick Lightbody about performance in an app: how to maintain performance throughout the development process and what parts of FileMaker can cause performance headaches.
Our main goal as Claris FileMaker developers is to solve problems for clients or for ourselves. Our secondary goal is to build systems which perform very well. Of course “perform very well” is subjective. For one client, a technique may perform well, but for another one, the technique is slow and untenable. Though it has different meanings for different contexts, performance should be on the top of our heads as we develop.

NIck Lightbody joins us to lend his experience and perspective to this idea of Performance. For most of his career he’s spent exploring the ideas of performance for apps. Starting with, of all things, developing for iOS, he’s played with techniques that he’s found keep performance high throughout the entire development process. Let’s explore his perspective about keeping FileMaker apps running smoothly.

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Nick's extensive forum posts are found here.

If you have a performance issue, you can reach out to the community to report an issue.
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