Connecting with Claris, Ep 1: Andy LeCates

In this first episode of a small series title Connecting with Claris, we sit down with Andy Lecates to talk topics that come up in the community now and again (very frequently). We chat about the Claris Community in general, Claris Engage Beyond and its format this year, Agile Software development. Along the way Andy gives us a lot of great insight on how he works his and Claris' vision for the platform and for the community.
Andy talks with us about the following topics:
INTRO: 00:01:12
Community & Learning: 00:10:21
Claris Engage Beyond: 00:54:08
Claris' Agile Process: 01:13:24

You can find more info about Claris Engage Beyond here.

We mention some great learning resources:
RC Consulting and Productive Computing, But there are many more out there! 
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