Guiding a Successful Problem-Solving Development Shop, with David Knight

Today's episode features David Knight, Founder and CEO of Angel City Data. He shares his Four C's and other principles that guide the business in keeping clients and staff, and providing exceptional service.
Today’s episode involves no technical content about FileMaker. We’re not gonna talk about virtual lists or repeating fields or even javaScript. Instead, we talk about how to run a FileMaker business by the leader of one of the longest running and award winning fileMaker consultant shops in the world. David Knight, founder and CEO of Angel City Data joins me today to share how his company has lasted all these years with some impressive statistics. His simple-to-understand and yet powerful philosophy–the four Cs–guides all that happens in his business. Along with those four Cs, he share other insights and mindsets all those at Angel City Data share. David’s guiding principles must be effective, and he gladly shares them with us.

David is part of FMDisc. Their past meetings are found here. Join the Meetup and attend where ever you're at.
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