The "OYeah" of OData, with John Renfrew

John Renfrew joins us today to introduce us to the new and gaming-changing feature called oData in FileMaker.
The FileMaker platform keeps introducing new ways to send and receive data from other files or from another service. IN the latest versions, oData was introduced. Many developers think the use of oData now is a game changer. 
Our Guest, John Renfrew, gives us all the details about oData and makes it clear it is a game changer. At first it seemed kind of scary and new and incomprehensible, but his clear description of its strengths and uses demystifies this new feature. At the end of this episode, I personally, realized OData's potential and decided, indeed, it is a game changer.
John is here to let us know that FileMaker developers of every experience level can have success in using Odata to perform all manner of record-related tasks. I'm glad he was able to clear up the new feature for me.

Read the OData Spec here
Steve Senft-Herrera at Beezwax shares examples and ideas with OData.
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