Ransomware For Claris FileMaker Developers

What is ransomware? Can it impact FileMaker applications? Trusted FileMaker community members Wim Decorte, Heidi Porter, and Chris Moyer, join Jeremy Brown to discuss Ransomware in the context of FileMaker applications.
More information about Ransomware.
Ransomware history, prevention tips, removal, FAQs, information on different strains, current news and KnowBe4's ransomware guarantee. (422 kB)

The No More Ransom Project
Ransomware is malware that locks your computer and mobile devices or encrypts your electronic files. When this happens, you can’t get to the data unless you pay a ransom. However, this is not guaranteed and you should never pay!
TIPS & GUIDANCE Ransomware incidents can severely impact business processes and leave organizations without the data they need to operate and deliver mission-critical services. The economic and reputational impacts of ransomware incidents, throughout the initial disruption and, at times, extended recovery, have also proven challenging for organizations large and small.

If you get hit, you can try available decryptors
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