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FIleMaker Go: Covering a lot with Claus Lavendt

Claus Lavendt of DataManix joins us today to talk FileMaker Go. We talk colors, layouts, problems the platform solves. We talk syncing, and even his work in designing the FileMaker DevCon2Go app.

FileMaker Origin Stories Ep 7: Beverly and David and Mike Duncan

Beverly Voth, David Wilkstrom, and Mike Duncan join us today to talk their FileMaker Origin Stories.

Evolving Our Thinking, with Todd & Dave

Today Todd and Dave and Jeremy discuss how Geist Interactive's thoughts and approaches have changed over time. They talk about the importance of changing your mind about techniques and approaches.

FileMaker 19: Shortcuts and NFC, with Cris Ippolite

In FileMaker 19, we can now use NFC and 'donate' scripts to be run by Shortcuts on an iOS device. Cris Ippolite joins us today to talk about these two amazing new features.

FileMaker Origin Stories: Ep 6: Thomas & Teresa, Jesse, and Greg

In this episode, we hear from Thomas and Teresa Mokwa, Jesse Roberts, and Greg Lane about their FileMaker Origin Stories.

FileMaker 19: JS Functions with Todd

Todd and Jeremy discuss FileMaker Pro 19's new JavaScript functionality set: The Perform JavaScript in Web Viewer script step and the JavaScript function FileMaker.PerfomScript(). There's a lot of technical info in this, so be prepared.

FileMaker Origin Stories Ep 5: Makah, Martha, Alycia, Anastasia, and Sara

Today's FileMaker Origin Stories come from five women at Soliant Consulting. All of us sat together and talked about how they got into FileMaker. It's fun to hear these friends who work together share their stories.

FileMaker 19: FileMaker Add-ons with BigTom

In this episode BigTom joins me to talk about his favorite feature of Claris FileMaker 19: FileMaker Add-ons. We chat about what you can do with add-ons, what people might make with them, and about how we would love to see them distributed.

FileMaker Origin Stories: Ep 4: Kristine and Josh W and Mark

Kristine Anmark, Josh Willing, and Mark Richman join us today to talk about their FileMaker Origin Stories.

FileMaker 19: Execute FileMaker Data API, and CoreML with Cris Ippolite

Cris Ippolite of iSolutions joins Todd and Jeremy today to talk about only a few things in the Claris FileMaker 19 platform: the Open Platform release, Execute FileMaker Data API script step, and CoreML. Lots of other features get talked about as well.

FileMaker 19: FMPerception 19

Dave Ramsey joins me today to talk FMPerception and FileMaker 19. You'll want to get all the info you can about this as FileMaker 19 release introduces changed behavior in functions and a new XML structure you want to take advantage of right from the beginning.

FileMaker 19 is here. A Discussion with Todd

The new version of FileMaker is available today! And while we all affectionality know it as FileMaker 19, we see that FileMaker is FileMaker. Todd and I talk about the new features. I'm sure you'll hear our excitement about the new Open Platform in our hour-plus long discussion.

FileMaker Origin Stories, Ep 3: Bryn and Jason C and Lisette

Today's FileMaker Origin Stories come from Bryn Behrenshausen, Jason Creager, and Lisette Wilson. They share how they found the platform, what they developed, their learning and what makes their jobs fulfilling.

FileMaker Origin Stories: Ep 2: Sarah and Barb L and Dave G

In this episode, the FileMaker Origin Stories come from Sarah Stickfort, Barbara Levine, and Dave Graham.

FileMaker Origin Stories: Cris and Erika and Sully

Cris Ippolite, Erika Green, and Dave Sullivan (Sully) joins me to share their origin stories.

Trailer: FileMaker Origin Stories

In just a few days, we launch a series entitled "FileMaker Origin Stories". Here we share the origin stories of developers all around the world.

Random Thoughts About FileMaker

Today Jeremy and Josh Ormond talk about random thoughts of FileMaker that Jeremy's had for quite awhile. They talk JavaScript, FileMaker concepts, the community, and much more.

Coaching in FileMaker with Mark Baum

Mark Baum, Senior Application Developer at Soliant Consulting, joins me today to talk about Coaching in FileMaker. We talk about how to coach, what to say and not say, the type of person who's a good coach and one who is a good 'coach-ee'. Coaching is the best way to get FileMaker knowledge and concepts out there, so we should be doing more of it wherever we can.

The Claris COVID-19 Response Team Discussion

In this episode, members of join::table and from Claris International join us today to talk about an innovative initiative developed in response to the current world-wide pandemic. Makah and Chris and Julie Sigfrinius discuss how we can get involved.

Tinkering in FileMaker: Do it, with John Renfrew

It's is okay to tinker in FileMaker, to explore random files downloaded from the Claris Community or from the various blog post sites out there. Tinkering exposes us to all sorts of techniques, as one of those might come in handy some day.

Workflow-Based Design, with Alexis Allen

To use a list view or not to use a list view: that is the question. Alexis Allen of FM Design University joins us today to talk an innovative and logical approach to design: Workflow-based design. We talk its origin, its philosophy, and the need to convince people to break away from list view.

Claris Connect, with Mike Beargie

Claris Connect, the new Product from Claris International, has been released. Mike Beargie, one of the early beta-testers, sat with us a few weeks ago to talk about the product. He explains his impressions, its possibilities, its features, and its things to think about.

Discussing Workflow Design and Patterns, With Matt O'Dell

Matt O'Dell, EcoSystems Designer at Capital One, is someone who's been in the FileMaker community for quite awhile now. He sits with me today to talk about design. We talk about whis two FileMaker DevCon sessions about prototyping and design. I ask him a lot about workflows and 'who's right'.

WITFm Scholarship For Claris Engage, with Elizabeth Swenson

The Women Innovating Together (WITfm) 2020 Claris Engage Scholarship application process is now underway. Elizabeth Swenson, Donor Relationship Chair of WITfm, sits with us to explain the scholarship process and its benefits. If you're a female who's never attended a Claris Engage conference and want to, please consider this great opportunity.

When to Rebuild an App, With Jesse Roberts

Jesse Roberts, an inhouse developer, sits with me today to talk his realization that he needs to rebuild his app. We discuss the signs that led him to this conclusion and the factors he has to consider.

Honoring the Legacy; Embracing the New, (and Search and Find) with Ernest Koe

Enest Koe, of The Proof Group, sits with Todd and I today to ostensibly talk about FileMaker finds and searches, but we really focus on the idea of letting FileMaker be FileMaker while embracing what's new and exciting.

More on the FileMaker Community with Tom Oathoudt

BigTom and I discuss the FileMaker Community. By pointing out all its pieces, we recognize the community is alive and strong and one of the better communities to be in.

Beverly Voth

Beverly Voth, DevCon speaker, Award winner, FileMaker and Web developer, joins us today to talk XML, JavaScript and JSON, ExecuteSQL, and the FileMaker Community.

FileMaker & APIs: The New Normal, with Logan Cornelius

Logan Cornelius, of Spikeball, joins us today to talk his rocket-like trajectory from knowing nothing of FileMaker to using it as a hub of data and business logic for their business operations.

Virtual Lists in Depth with Kevin Frank & Paul Jansen

Kevin Frank and Paul Jansen explain everything they know about the very flexible technique known as "Virtual Lists".

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